Insight for companies that rely on a dealer network.

Channeled is a blog for corporate marketers and trainers at companies that sell its products through a dealer network. This blog is a collection of thoughts, viewpoints and conversation starters brought to you by the team at Kinetic Channel Marketing. We are a team of artists, strategists, writers, project managers, programmers and yes, even a finance guru with different perspectives, but a singular passion… Improving dealer performance to deliver an optimal customer experience.

Blog Posts

3… 2… 1… Lift Off!
How to Launch an Out-of-this-World Campaign

A launch campaign is a specific, defined series of activities used in marketing a new or changed product, service, brand, etc. or in using new marketing channels and methods. Marketing campaigns come in all shapes and sizes. At Kinetic, we believe that everything that time and money has been invested into is worth the additional …

Work Hard, Play Hard
10 Reasons Why it’s Important to Celebrate a Win

At Kinetic, we take this very seriously. As in, it’s one of our core values. We’re constantly looking for reasons to celebrate. And when we say “celebrate,” we don’t mean arranging a formal dinner or expecting to be handed bonuses like we’re on an episode of Oprah. We just mean that we take the time …

What the Hell is UX?
How Does UX Differ from UI, and Why Should I Care?

From overhearing conversations in passing or scrolling through your newsfeed online, you may have noticed that “UX” and “UI” have been a hot topic of conversation for the past year or so. But if you aren’t in the business of website design and programming, you may be unfamiliar with them and their importance. At Kinetic, …